Quality Assurance

We give top priority to the quality of our business organisation, the implementation of our audits as well as our audit opinion.

Thanks to continuous professional training, the application of modern computer-based auditing software as well as long client relationships, we can provide for high-quality and acknowledged auditing services.

According to Clause 57a paragraph 1 page 1 of the German Auditors' Code ("Wirtschaftsprüferordnung"), we are obliged to undergo external quality control examinations carried out by a quality control auditor every three years as our company conducts audits for companies of public interest within the meaning of Clause 319a of the German Commercial Code ("HGB"). The object of the audit is the quality assurance system specified in the German "VO 1/2006" standard on quality control. A corresponding certificate dated 19th January 2016 is available for S&P GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft. This certificate has a fixed term up to 6th February 2019.