Annual audit

The main activity of our audit department is the performance of statutory audits of individual and consolidated accounts. The annual audit is more than just issuing an audit opinion. Much rather, it warrants the reliability of the information included in the accounts in accordance with German or international accounting standards, informs management about functionality of the internal control and early risk warning system and supports the controlling bodies in monitoring management.

Our audit approach integrates the responsible auditors / partners in the operational audit procedure very closely. On the one hand side, this guarantees the quality of our audit performance while, on the other hand, this makes for a highly efficient course of the audit and direct communication with our clients.

The successful participation in quality control in accordance with § 57 a para. 6 clause 3 WPO qualifies us to perform annual audits.

In addition: audits in accordance with the Law on Budgetary Procedures, audits in accordance with the MaBV.