We have used a large font size for the contents of this page in order to enable people with visual impairment to read the texts immediately. In the following, we show you how to enlarge contents of the Internet page of S & P GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft easily in your browser or on your computer screen. By the way, this should also work for all other Internet pages. 

Adjusting the font size by means of the computer keyboard:
In every type of browser, you can easily enlarge or reduce the font by means of the computer keyboard. Keep the control key (CTRL), which is usually in the very bottom left-hand corner, pressed and press + for enlarging the font or – for reducing the font. By pressing the control key and the number 0, you will get back to the normal font size.

Brief instruction:
For enlarging: CTRL and +
For reducing: CTRL and -
For getting normal size: CTRL and 0 

Adjusting the font size by means of the menu/the mouse:

If it is difficult for you to use the computer keyboard, you can adjust the font size in the menu.

Menu item Appearance -> Font size